Kids Join the Fight's mission is simple


To empower kids to join the fight against pediatric cancer by raising money to provide local CARE for pediatric cancer patients and their families and to fund research to CURE childhood cancer.

With the overarching goals of CARE and CURE for pediatric cancer patients, they aim to make the cancer-fighting experience less daunting and more comfortable for all involved so that the loved ones can focus on the child and not on the details of care and treatment.

The key objective of their organization is to make an impact to better the CARE of pediatric cancer patients in their local setting and to fund targeted research studies to find a CURE – all while eliminating the added strain on the families of the patients. In doing this important work, they also hope to raise awareness about the extreme underfunding of pediatric cancer research and how it leaves our most vulnerable population, children, with only archaic and toxic treatment options and complicated care systems.

Kids Join the Fight will fund projects that provide local support services to families battling pediatric cancer.

Projects will be selected on a rolling basis in partnership with hospitals (initially LCMC and Ochsner in the New Orleans area) with 3-year funding plans that are prioritized based on impact for families and the size of the foundation.

They will provide direct grants to immunotherapeutic early stage clinical trials that benefit patients with pediatric brain cancers.

Kids Join the Fight will also provide grants via the WithWalker fund to Medulloblastoma research in partnership with the St. Baldricks Foundation and seek to raise awareness about the underfunding of pediatric cancer.

 “Invigorate the superpowers of children and empower them to raise money to defeat pediatric cancer. “ Kids Join the Fight